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Those who played computer games in the 90’s may be able to recall the infamous Leisure Suit Larry and all the hours of fun he provided game lovers. What you may not know however, is that Larry will be entering the online casino industry very shortly! The creators of the super popular Leisure Suit Larry video games have now created an online casino experience filled with many of the old classic Larry Casino games as well as a whole array of new features. Expect the same old smooth talking, leisure-suit wearing Larry from the 90’s rebooted with state-of-the-art graphics and software. There is no telling what kind of zany antics he will get up to this time.

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You are probably wondering if they have any welcome offer in place? The answer is yes. Larry Casino will offer a highly attractive and generous welcome bonus of 300€. Furthermore, each new customer will be rewarded with 100 free spins. Do you think that is all? No. There’s more. Lary Casino will offer a Jukebox every 12 hours.

In regards to the the gaming collection at Larry Casino, we expect it to contain a large portfolio of some of the top slots and casino games currently available online. Rumour has it that Larry Casino has already been able to acquire a gambling license for the UK, which makes it likely that the casino will be up and running within the year. One thing is for sure, players at Larry Casino will not be short of entertainment!

Larry Casino Welcome Bonus

As mentioned before Larry Casino is not yet live, so we can not provide you with all the details about signing up and the terms and conditions for the Larry Casino welcome bonus. What we do know for sure is that there will be a Larry Casino bonus code that will activate a signup bonus of 300€ and 100 free spins.

The most likely Welcome Bonus will come as 100 free spins and a deposit bonus of up to 300€, which will give a percentage bonus on a player’s first deposit. Make sure you keep a lookout for a Larry Casino bonus code which will give you access to the Larry Casino Welcome Bonus as soon as the site is launched.

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Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino

The Leisure Suit Larry games have been published by award winning game software company Sierra Entertainment, from 1987 to 2009, giving them over 20 years developing the character of Leisure Suit Larry. Over a dozen games have been produced with Leisure Suit Larry as the main character. The gameplay generally revolves around humorous attempts by Leisure Suit Larry to pick up attractive women in the game. As unsuccessful as Larry is, he never seems to give up.
Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino is no different, except in this version Larry is running a casino. Created back in 1998, the game followed the storyline of Larry becoming a casino owner in Las Vegas after strange sequence of events. The game offered five different casino games as well as three party games. Some of the most popular games included slots, blackjack and poker, which are expected to be the main attractions in the new Larry Casino. Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino also featured a full gift shop, three restaurants, three bars which could be navigated through by players.
Well ahead of its time, another feature of Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino was an online component which allowed for players to upgrade their hotel room and participate in other online activities.
It is expected for the new Larry Casino online to stay true to the Leisure Suit Larry series and feature a casino built on the basis of fun and frivolity. With the addition of real money casino options however, Larry Casino will also accommodate more serious players looking to take advantage of a broad games collection and the Larry Casino welcome bonus.

Larry Casino Software

For online casino players looking for something a little bit different from the run of the mill online casino software, Larry Casino has you covered. Developed by Sierra Entertainment, the software platform is expected to be top notch with that same Larry flare from the 90’s. There may be some social aspects to the online casino which are not available on any other online casinos at the moment such as, chat rooms and comedy clubs as per the Leisure Suit Larry Casino computer game. Also expect surprise gags, funny banter and beautiful girls when playing at Larry Casino, which the original computer game is known for.

The Larry Casino is sure to be available as a mobile casino app, ensuring that players will have their fix of Leisure Suit Larry wherever they may be. The mobile app is expected to be a complete adaptation of Larry’s Casino and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. A browser-based client is also expected to be available for players who prefer playing on computer devices or on their mobile phone browser.
To download Larry Casino to your mobile device players should either visit the Larry Casino site when it is up and running or check their app store once they have heard word of Larry’s Casino opening.
A Live Casino is another distinct possibility at Larry Casino. Given how the original games really encouraged the social aspect of casino play, the inclusion of a live casino with live dealers is a very high chance.

Larry Casino Games Collection

It can only be speculated to what games will be available on Larry Casino but if the Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino game is anything to go by clots, table games and poker will be on full display at the casino.
Larry Casino will also be sure to import games from other top online casino games creators such as Net Ent, Microgaming and NYX just to name a few. Expect the total Larry gaming suite to include slots, blackjack, roulette, poker as well as loads of other popular table games.

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There is much to look forward to with the Larry Casino. Players looking for a change from the drab monotonous play at some of the larger more popular online casinos available at the moment, will have the option of stepping into Leisure Suit Larry’s casino world.
The site should feature many of your favorite slots and table game titles mixed in with some different features which will set the site apart from the rest. A Larry Casino Welcome Bonus of 300€ and 100 free spins are going to be part of the sign up offer, giving players even more reasons to check out the casino. Everything at Larry Casino has been step up for success and it should be no surprise when the site start off with a bang as soon as it launches.
While much is in the air about Larry Casino right now, one thing is for certain, there will be no shortage of entertainment once it hits the online casino market!


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