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Bitwin Bonus Code

Bitwin is a new casino and sportsbook which will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment, a virtual currency and suited to online betting. Read the Bitwin bonus code review to find out more about this brand.

bitwin bonus code review

Bitwin is a new casino under development that will be available soon. The site will also include a sportsbook but there is more interest in the casino. The Bitwin site will be based on others that have been developed by Tain, a provider of services and solutions to the online gaming sector. The online casino business is competitive and features many different operators so Bitwin are trying to gain an advantage with regards depositing and withdrawing money using a virtual currency. New customers must specify the Bitwin bonus code when opening an account.

Bitwin Bonus Code & Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new type of currency that first appeared in 2009. The currency is virtual and transactions are carried out with no intermediary which in effect means no bank. There are no fees associated with making a transaction and all transfers and purchases are done without providing details of a name so they are anonymous. The concept was invented by somebody who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto but his identity is unknown. The thinking behind the invention was to create a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

Bitcoin has its own exchange rates and the most common is the value of XBT in US dollars. The currency is an electronic payment system based on mathematical proof. There is so central payment authority and transfers are made online just about instantly and with no fees. Bitwin is a new casino that will accept transactions using Bitcoin based on the Bitwin bonus code. The value of Bitcoin is related to regular currency markets and the price increased by 3% on the day after Donald Trump was elected as the US President.

Bitcoin and Online Gambling

One of the biggest growth areas in gaming is the Bitcoin casino, where it’s possible to play classic casino games with the digital currency. Bitcoin lends itself to online gambling such as with the new casino Bitwin and the Bitwin bonus code. Here are the advantages of using the currency for making payments to online casinos and sportsbooks, withdrawing funds and placing bets:

  • You can play a wide variety of casino games in near anonymity
  • There is no government interference with Bitcoin and the games are run fairly due to technology that proves this to be the case
  • Playing casino games gives Bitcoin owners the chance to increase the number of bitcoins in their wallet
  • Bitcoin purchases are not subject to tax as there is no one central authority
  • Bitcoins are not subject to inflation as the number on the market is fixed and limited
  • Transactions are almost done instantly and the location is not an issue
  • Payment information cannot be stolen as no personal data is required before placing bets

Bitwin Bonus Code

However, there are some negatives associated with playing casino games at Bitwin and the Bitwin bonus code. Despite the obvious advantages of betting using Bitcoins there are some flaws which are described below most of which are seen as temporary:

  • Bitcoin is a volatile currency because of the balancing influences of supply and demand
  • The currency is still in the early days of development and practices have a long way to go to be polished and refined
  • Despite the growth of bitcoin usage in gambling, the currency is not a household name and it is not accepted in an as many places as debit and credit cards
  • The benefit of its anonymous nature is also a disadvantage as betting activity can attract criminals who sing to sell illegal items and spend the rewards

The legislation with regards casino gaming with Bitcoin is immature and subject to much conjecture. Operators starting their online casinos that will accept Bitcoin are often confused by ambiguous decisions of authorities in regards to the currency.

Bitwin Tain

The Bitwin casino using the Bitwin bonus code will form part of the Tain stable. The company has been providing online gambling solutions since 1999. Tain provides business-to-business services related to online gambling and online casinos. The company are well-established in the field so Bitwin are basing their casino on some proven products. Tain is involved in a betting exchange and also provide odds to bookmakers. The company has an excellent reputation for integrity in the sector.

The Tain casino offers customers offer 2,000 games through various casinos that use their back office and Bitwin will be joining some leading casino brands. Sign up procedures are similar across the range of Tain casino products and in the case of Bitwin new customers must enter the Bitwin bonus code. Players only need to fund one wallet to play any game so players can visit different operators and gamble without any delay. Tain offers low resource costs and the choice of content to the new Bitwin casino using the Bitwin bonus code. The extensive range of games will continue to grow as Tain looks to innovate on behalf of their clients.

Tain casino customers offer cutting edge content based on the latest technology. The company works with some of the leading names in the industry but they are always looking for new openings and new products. New casinos like the Bitwin product can be quickly integrated to the whole range. The single wallet makes for seamless play and the casinos offer many promotions and bonuses. Information can be secured and casinos at Tain offer customers a large range of tournament options. The Bitwin casino will offer games from many of the leading games software suppliers.

Bitwin Casino Games  

The Bitwin casino will offer a full range of casino table games. Roulette is the most popular casino game and several versions will be available to play. The two most widely played roulette games are the American and European version. The major difference is that the former has two zeros and the latter format has just one. Customers new to the Bitwin casino can play for small stakes and higher ones. The fundamentals of the game are common to online casinos like Bitwin. The objective is to predict where a ball will land from a number of slots on the casino wheel.  Odds are offered based on the probability after the bank takes a small amount.

Baccarat and blackjack are other very popular table games in a real-life casino. Bitwin will offer a number of variations but the fundamentals are the same. Poker is also widely played online and Bitwin will offer individual options and access to tournaments. Customers can play poker across a range of stakes to accommodate all pockets. You can also play for free while you are learning the rules of these games. There could also be a live casino where real croupiers and dealers control the games and interact with players who place bets via a keyboard and mobile console.

Slots can be played in many genres such as superheroes and TV and film themes. Jackpot games give players the opportunity to win a life-changing prize for a small stake. The Bitwin casino will offer progressive jackpots and slots with a bonus feature. Bingo and lotteries are other product areas on an online casino and Bitwin should offer these options. Promotions will be available for existing and new customers who specify the Bitwin bonus code. The Bitwin casino is due on the market soon.

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