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EquiLottery promo code

Ever since being introduced in 2014, EquiLottery has been gaining popularity in the United States. This is why we are writing about the EquiLottery Promo Code, which might become active in near future.

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Therefore, stay with us and explore the possibilities that EquiLottery gives to its players. Consider practicing a new way of having fun while playing the lottery.

What is the EquiLottery Promo Code?

Majority of brands use special codes to award new, or already existing customers. Usually, a welcome bonus is activated with a specific promo code. Even though there is no EquiLottery Promo Code at the moment, the platform is becoming more popular every day.

Bonus TypeBonus Description
EquiLottery Welcome BonusN/A
Minimum BonusN/A
Wagering RequirementN/A
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This means that there is a high chance that the people behind this brand might start their promo code marketing strategy soon, to improve their growth even more.

Therefore, it is only a matter of time before the EquiLottery Promo Code becomes an offer for active lottery players. Stick with us, to learn when a welcome bonus becomes active. We will immediately share the news with you!

What is EquiLottery?

EquiLottery is a new type of lottery that is becoming increasingly popular. It is actually called Win Place Show type of lottery. However, online, it is represented by the brand EquiLottery.

With Win Place Show, you add another layer of fun while playing the lottery. In the usual circumstances, you are just sitting around and watching those balls popping out. It is quite a repetitive and boring activity.

However, with EquiLottery, there is that exciting mixture of sports and lottery. Not just any sport, but horse racing. So how does this work?

  1. You get to pick three numbers. (horse numbers)
  2. You purchase the $2 ticket
  3. Watch the race!
  4. First three places are the winning numbers.
  5. Enjoy the prize!

This is a much more adrenaline filled lottery draw. You get to play the lottery and you feel the race excitement as you cheer for your three horses.

As you can see, playing is quite easy, all you have to do is pick you three numbers and follow as the race unfolds.

Feel free to click on the buttons below and head over to EquiLottery.

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Why is EquiLottery Changing the Lottery World?

People are always looking for a better version of a game. This is a completely different approach to the lottery. That is what primarily makes it more interesting.

Win Place Show is simply a mixture of passion for horse racing and playing lottery. However, even those who only love playing lottery will be more engaging as the numbers unfold. After all, it is much better to wait for results as you are watching horses race than to watch some balls pop out of a box.

These are the primary reasons why this form of lottery is only to become more popular.

Additionally, an important element to the game is no chance of corruption. While many would argue that it is possible to rig the traditional lottery, it is hard to argue the same for Win Place Show. Think about it, you are getting numbers for live horse races. Chances that somehow the system is corrupted is practically non-existent. This will only draw in more people to have fun while playing EquiLottery.

What are the EquiLottery Prizes?

At EquiLottery, there are three types of prizes. You can win between $10 to $1800 USD. It all depends on what kind of prize you get. Prizes are the following:

  • An exact match for all three numbers – $250 up to $1800
  • Match three numbers in any order – $10 up to $80
  • Match exactly two numbers – New ticket


win place show prizes

If you are wondering why the prizes are so different, you should know that it all depends on the race size. The lower figures are for 8-horse races, whereas the 14-horse races can bring in higher winning.

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Is there an EquiLottery Mobile App?

Year 2018 is going to be a big one for EquiLottery. The brand is planning to launch the Android and iOS app to provide a better service to their customers.

win place show mobile

When you purchase a ticket, you also have a QR code that you can scan with your phone. With the app available, you will be able to see when the race is happening and you will be able to stream it directly to your mobile phone. This is quite practical, as you can enjoy your lottery on the go. No matter where you are, you are going to be able to watch the horse race and see whether you have won any prize.

If you are into lottery, this is something you should definitely give a chance. Not only is it more entertaining, but it is also easier to follow via your device. You can watch the horse race no matter where you are.

Remember to follow us and watch if there are any updates regarding EquiLottery Promo Code. As soon as there is one, we will add it to our website. Until then, feel free to click on one of our buttons and register at EquiLottery.

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