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ESP.Bet Signup Code

ESP.Bet has already got a loyal fan base in the exciting world of eSports but now they are launching their real money betting site for their fans and followers to really get into.

All the great games, matches and tournaments will be on the show but now customer account holders can win real money by betting on the outcomes and engaging in their famous pools.

All you need to do is register for an account using the ESP. Bet signup code and you can experience the thrill of betting on some great games such as CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. You can expect soon great promotional offers from’s side, in the meantime, you can try great offers at Headshotbet.

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Is There an ESP.Bet Welcome Offer?

Unlike a lot of online sports betting sites ESP.Bet do not see the need to offer some kind of welcome promotion to new customer account holders. And that could be because they are already well known in the world of esports. The community feel that they recognize in the gaming world extends to the fantasy pools and tournaments on offer and they obviously believe that they can attract even more through the launch of the real money betting platform.

ESP.Bet Signup CodeDetails
Welcome bonusCurrently not available
Available productse-sports, fantasy pools, betting, casino
Payment methodsPaypal, Debit cards
ESP/Bet Promo Code/

There may not be an ESP.Bet bonus to be had for signing up for an account but this review will show you that there is a lot on offer for anyone interested in esports.

How to Get the ESP.Bet Signup Code and Register

Registering for a customer account allows you to join in with the fantasy pools as well as betting on matchups and tournaments. You can even trade virtual goods – or skins – as part of the experience.

Getting involved is very easy and all you need to do is use an ESP.Bet signup code when you register to activate the account. This ESP.Bet bonus code can be found by clicking on one of the buttons on this site. Once you have the code you just need to follow these steps to sign up:

  • On the ESP.Bet home page you will see a button prompt telling you it is free to sign up. Click on this
  • This will open up a new pop up screen where you will need to enter your details – email, username and password as well as your full name
  • You will also have to provide your date of birth and confirm which country you reside in
  • Then just enter the ESP.Bet signup code in the box provided, tick the standard terms and conditions box and then click on the ‘Get Started’ box at the bottom of the screen
  • You will be sent a verification email that contains a code that you need to enter to continue on into the site
  • Now you are able to deposit money into your account and explore the betting possibilities the ESP.Bet site has to offer

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The ESP.Bet Site

Once you have signed up for a customer account you will soon forget that there is no actual ESP.Bet bonus to cash in because there is a lot to discover with plenty of eSports to choose from.

By just concentrating on eSports ESP.Bet have decided that they will go with what they know best and not try to cash in on the popularity and ubiquity of sportsbooks and casinos as well. This is a good move and true eSports fans will feel that this is a site for them – not something added on to a more established sports bookie’s website.

Fans of ESP will already know what kind of things to expect but with the introduction of a real money betting aspect the excitement could be even greater for even the most veteran of eSports fans.

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Betting Options

As there is just eSports on offer the layout of the site is very basic and it is very easy to find your way around and get to the selections you want. Once you are logged in you will see the main menu across the top of the screen with the Play, Dashboard, Community and Support options.

The Play option takes you to the betting action. You have two main choices – either to enter the betting lounge or to go with the fantasy pools.

The betting lounge allows you to make a simple wager on who you think will win an upcoming eSports match. The way it works with these bets is the more you put up as a stake, the more you are able to win as your winnings will go up depending on how many people bet against you on that event. You can even have a go at in-play betting.

The other option is the fantasy pools. This is where a lot of the interest has moved to as it not only becomes a test of your knowledge of games and the gamers themselves but also introduces the fantasy element of putting together the best team. You will need to choose from a list of players who you want in your team – all these players earn points for actions carried out in the games and you amass the points of your chosen players. The eventual winner is the person with the most points from his team.

There are four different types of pools you can go for – classic, salary cap, legendary and head 2 head. If you are new to the world of eSports and fantasy pools this may seem confusing but you will soon get the hang of it and there are plenty of helpful guides on the ESP.Bet site to show you what to do. Betting Lounge

Your Account Dashboard

The dashboard section of the site is where all your information and bets are stored. You can see what events you have coming up, what bets and pools you are part of and even check out your betting history. It is the place to go to find out what you have going on at any one time.

ESP.Bet Community is Everything

ESP.Bet are relying on the fact that there is much more of a community feel to eSports as opposed to the established online sports betting sites and this is helped even more by the community section of the site that where customer account holders can go to find out more about the events, tournaments, and games on offer.

Not only can you check out the latest community pools and leaderboards, you are also able to find out all the latest eSports news, engage with the account holders forum and read up on everything going on with ESP.Bet on their blog.

The community aspect of the site does help foster a feeling of inclusion and although the betting side of things does increase the competition, that was always a part of eSports anyway – now you just get a chance to win some money at the same time!

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Managing Your Money

Even though you won’t have received a cash ESP.Bet bonus when you signed up for a customer account you will want to know how you look after your money on the site. The betting side of things is fairly straightforward as we have mentioned – and the way you can put in and take out your money is simple as well.

From the main navigation menu, you will be able to choose the wallet option. Here you can see what the balance of your account is and also have the added option of clicking on deposit or withdraw depending on what you want to do.

Whichever you choose you just need to enter the amount you want to deposit or withdraw and then choose your preferred payment method. Deposits can be via PayPal or by using a debit or credit card and are instantly credited to your account. Withdrawals take slightly longer to show up in your own account due to security and banking regulations.

Getting Help

Although ESP.Bet will have some long-term eSports fans they are also aware that this area of the betting world is growing so there will be some newcomers to the site. There is a good help section that not only talks you through the administration of your account but also explains the betting procedures and how to go about playing on the site.

If you have any other issues that you can’t find an answer for you can also go to the support section where you can fill in a contact form, giving all your information for one of the ESP.Bet customer support team to be able to assist you. That seems to be the only way to contact the site at the moment but as this is a new venture there may be others in the future.

Mobile eSports

There is not the ability to bet for real money on the ESP app at the moment but you can play the fantasy pools games on your mobile phone or tablet device. By downloading the app onto your device you are able to play whenever you feel like and not be restricted to playing on your computer at home.

With the ESP.Bet site only just launched it could well be in the minds of the team to develop a mobile version of the site to cash in on the popularity of betting on the go – something that sports betting sites have really gone for in a big way in the last few years.

Celebrity Endorsements Celebrity Endorsements

It may not mean much to you if you are not that versed in the world of eSports but ESP.Bet being able to announce a partnership with acclaimed eSports journalist and analyst David ‘Thorin’ Shields is a major coup.

Thorin is well known in eSports circles – especially in the CS: GO and League of Legends scenes. His popular YouTube site has made him a household name in the eSports community and his involvement here will convince many that ESP.Bet is the place to go for eSports betting.

ESP.Bet Review

It is an exciting time for the eSports community and with the number of sites attempting to get into the betting side of things, fans are going to have a lot of options open to them when it comes to signing up for customer accounts.

Established betting sites have already looked at getting involved in eSports as they can see the potential to open themselves up to a whole new customer fan base. But it is sites such as ESP that can really make a name for themselves in eSports betting if they do things right. Being already well respected in the eSports community they know there is the chance to be one of the biggest names in this area of the betting industry.

Not offering a welcome promotion at this time is a bit of a shame but by using the ESP.Bet signup code to register for an account, new customers can find out all about eSports and the possibilities of betting on the matches from people who really know their stuff. Why not sign up for an account and find out for yourself?

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