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Luxbet Promo Code

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Aussie bookmaker Luxbet is offering an unbeatable $150 welcome bonus with the Luxbet promo code to anyone who creates a new player account and deposits $50.

Bonus type:Free Bets Bonus
Welcome bonus:$150
Other bonuses:Enhanced Odds
Luxbet Promo Code:Reveal on button


Luxbet Promo Code

This kind of offer revealed with the Luxbet promo code is very hard to find and beats most of the competition tenfold.

With a huge range of sports to bet on and some great features like historical stats to help you make informed betting decisions, all backed up by an easy registration process and world class customer service, signing up at Luxbet is a no brainer.You won’t find a better online bookmaker in Australia.


Luxbet Free Bets, Offers & Promos

It’s nice to feel appreciated, and Luxbet is offering one of the best sign up bonuses. on the web with $150 in free bonus bets up for grabs on an initial $50 deposit.

As soon as you create your new player account, deposit the $50 and you’ll receive your deposit match within 1 business day. This offer is only open to players in QLD, NT, TAS, and ACT. It’s also subject to x1 turnover requirements at odds of 1.50 or more.

Luxbet also offers regular enhanced odds bets to existing players. Keep your eyes focused on the promotions page and promo banners on the site for information on these ongoing offers such as deposit promo codes.


Luxbet Sport Offers

Luxbet allows you to have a punt on some of the most popular sports in the world as well as some of the lesser known, niche sports. Here’s a quick rundown of some of what you can bet on at Luxbet:

American Football – While it used to be the exclusive domain of the United States, American football has become a global powerhouse in recent years and has exploded in popularity in Australia. You can bet on it at Luxbet during season matches and major tournaments like the Superbowl.

Aussie Rules – It’s the homegrown sport, but you’d be surprised at how many people watch and support AFL abroad. Have a punt while watching your favourite team at the bar with your mates by using the Luxbet mobile app or while sitting at home with your feet up.

Basketball – It’s one of the most-watched sports in the world for a reason – it’s phenomenal! You can place bets on all kinds of things related to basketball from outright wins to final scores to tournament winners.

Boxing – Who doesn’t love watching grown men beat each other senseless? There are very few sports more exciting than boxing precisely because literally, anything can happen at any moment, and entire careers can be changed in the blink of an eye. There’s nothing quite like having a stake riding on the outcome of a championship fight to add an extra element of excitement to an already exhilarating sport.

Cricket – It’s true that cricket is more of a religion than a sport in Australia, but since you can’t bet on religion, they had to stick cricket somewhere! Can you predict the number of runs a batsman will get or who will win the Ashes? If so, consider having a punt on it.

Darts – Darts isn’t just a game you play down at the pub after a few drinks, it’s a worldwide sport with a massive following. You’d be surprised how nail biting it can get, and nothing adds excitement to a game more than having a stake in the outcome.

Elections – 2016 has been the year of shock outcomes with the UK deciding to leave the EU and Donald Trump being elected president of the USA. One great betting strategy with regards elections, it seems, is to do the exact opposite of what the polls say. If you fancy a punt on the next big event in politics, Luxbet will be happy to facilitate it.

E-Sports – Somewhat of a new kid on the block, E-Sports have risen to become a heavily bet on sport in recent times, although it’s difficult to define them as sports exactly. For those who don’t know what they are, it’s something equivalent to betting on your mates playing Fifa, except the players are world class professionals and the competition is fierce. E-sports will only continue to grow and evolve, so it’s best to get in early and understand them now.

Golf – The amount of money that’s bet on golf is simply mind-blowing, particularly in and around the big tournaments like the Masters or Ryder Cup. There are some great bets to be made on golf and since there’s always something going on, there are many betting opportunities.

MMA – This exciting sport has exploded onto the world stage in recent years, led by the UFC and superstars like Conor McCregor and Brock Lesnar. If there’s any sport where the unlikely will happen, MMA is it and even the toughest champions can get knocked out cold in the blink of an eye due to one momentary lapse in concentration, a slip or an error in judgment. It’s the unpredictable nature of MMA that make it a great sport to place long shot bets on.

Motor Sports – Some people just have an innate need for speed, and there’s nothing that adds a rush to watching motorsports like F1, superbike racing ad Nascar like betting on it.

Racing – Whether it’s dogs or horses, there’s no bigger betting market than the races. While most punters only dabble surrounding major horse racing events like the Grand National and Melbourne Cup, there are many more betting opportunities in the racing world with events going on around the world virtually daily.

Rugby – Whether its league or union, there’s no denying Aussies love rugby. In fact, we’re one of the nations that best most on it, particularly when the Wallabies are playing in major international matches. Yet you don’t have to wait until the next World Cup to bet because there are plenty of ongoing matches to have a punt on.

Soccer – Ah, the beautiful game! It’s the most watched sport in the world and the amount of money bet on soccer every week is enough to blow your mind. With endless betting opportunities, unpredictable outcomes and exciting twists and turns in many games, there’s perhaps no better sport to bet on than soccer.

Tennis – We know a thing or two about tennis in Australia, given that we host one of the 4 major ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments every year in Melbourne. While tennis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s growing massively year on year and is a very interesting sport to bet on. It’s a great sport to place proposition bets on during gameplay as well as on direct outcomes and results.


Luxbet Live Betting

Live betting has become the in thing in recent years and almost every online bookie worth its salt offers it. Luxbet brings a top-notch live betting platform to the table enabling you to bet on lots of propositions during the course of matches, games, and fights.

However, it must be noted that live betting is NOT available to Australian residents due to the Interactive Gambling Act.

Luxbet Betting Information

Luxbet does offer some decent information on various sports including the rules and information on the major events.

Also check out the sports form zone at Luxbet for lots of useful stats and historical results. This info can make betting decisions easier and lead to better outcomes in some circumstances.


Deposit/Withdrawal Options

There are various ways to deposit and withdraw funds at Luxbet. They are:

  • Credit cards
  • Moneybookers
  • POLi
  • BPay
  • Bank Transfers

You can cash out and take your winnings at any time.

Customer Service & Support

If for any reason you wish to contact Luxbet, there are a few ways to do so. They are:

E-Mail – For nonurgent questions, concerns, and inquiries, email is the best way to get in touch.

Phone – There are Australian, UK and international phone numbers which you can give Luxbet a call on if you prefer to speak to a real human being.

Live Chat – If you prefer digital communication in real time and demand fast answers, live chat is probably your best bet. A dedicated customer service live chat team is available to answer your questions.

FAQs – If you prefer to find your own solutions, a comprehensive FAQ section allows you to search common questions and problems for your own answers and solutions.


Betting Strategies & Ideas

If you’re looking for sensible ways to use your free bets or are thinking about new ways to approach sports betting in terms of strategy, the following are some ways you can bet to win at Luxbet.

Long Shot Bets

Also known as betting on the underdog, the long shot betting strategy requires you to be comfortable with losing small amounts of money for a while, knowing that they will be canceled out and then some when your longshot bet comes good.

This method requires backing unlikely events with long odds, knowing that eventually the unlikely happens and when it does, a river of money comes with it if you’ve backed it at the bookies.

Many professional financial traders use this method with great success. Consider trying it out.

Each Way Bets

Each way betting only really applies to horse and dog racing and involves placing a bet on a winner while knowing that if it finishes in the top three you’ll recover some of your money even if it doesn’t outright win.

Think of each way bets as insurance – you think a horse or dog will win, but you’re not sure, yet what you do know is that it usually finishes in the top 3 and you’re willing to back that proposition.

Backing the Favourites

This betting strategy is pretty much explained by its name. It involves sticking with the likely winners, and most of the time this bet will come good.

The risk here is that the bookies also know who the favourites are and will set the odds accordingly, meaning you’ll always be risking more than you stand to gain. All these little gains can be undone quickly if an unlikely event happens, in which case the long shot bettor will be cleaning up.

There are pros and cons to all betting methods, and this one is no exception.

Using Free/Risk-Free Bets

The only bet you can’t possibly lose is a free bet, and luckily new players at Luxbet will be eligible for $150 worth of them.

Using these promotional offers to your advantage is simply smart betting, and you can choose whether you want to risk them on long shots, stick with the slow and steady method of backing the favourites, or use them in tandem with any other betting strategy you please.

Always use free bets to your advantage and grab specials while they’re going!


Luxbet Mobile Site

The Luxbet site comes up nicely on mobile devices such as phones and tablets and can be found at m.luxbet.com. The device you’re using will be automatically detected and an optimized site will be served up.

Like the desktop site, the mobile site is extremely well designed with a minimalist theme and easy to navigate menu. You can place bets wherever you are at any time of the day or night on it, and can login directly with one touch.

There are also mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices.


Luxbet Website

A user-friendly, easy to use website is a crucial feature of any online sportsbook and in this regard, Luxbet has set itself apart from the competition. It’s a simple, no-frills site that has a ‘clean’ feel and is uncluttered, serving up exactly what is needed in an organized way.

With the Luxbet logo and login at the top, an interactive menu leading to the main sections of the site below this, and a full list of ongoing sporting events and their odds beneath the main offer, this website is just how it should be: effective and user-friendly.

Remember to use any promotional code you have at the signup stage. The signup button can be found beside the login at the top of the main site.

We give Luxbet an A+ for its website. Bravo!


Luxbet offers a top-notch service with a generous welcome bonus to get you started. In fact, the welcome bonus is among the most generous we’ve seen, and free bets of $10 or $20 are much more common than the whopping $150 being offered here.

With this bonus in mind, as well as the huge range of sports you can bet on, and the excellent,user-friendly site Luxbet has created, we can definitely recommend signing up and trying your luck with Luxbet!