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eSports continues to grow into one of the most exciting, most distinctive betting markets today. When you sign up with Pixel.bet, you can claim £2 free and start placing bets on some of the biggest eSports events across the globe.
In this in-depth expert review, you will find all the information you need to know about Pixel.bet. This new website is in its early stages (in beta), but already has a strong portfolio of eSports betting options. Read on to learn about how to claim your Pixel.bet bonus code right here.

Since Pixel.bet is still in their beta version, we advise you to visit eSport Gaming.


What is the Pixel.bet Free Money Promotion?

Bonus Type:Bonus Description:
Welcome Bonus:Get £2 free when you sign up
Minimum Deposit:£10
Pixel.bet Promo Code:VISIT ESPORT GAMING


Video games have gone on to gain greater recognition as both an entertainment medium and an art form in the past 20 years. A vibrant betting market continues to grow, based entirely around the best gamers’ skills.

With eSports, both fans of betting and video games alike can experience the thrill of wagering on one of the many professional teams performing today. Pixel.bet is a brand new website dedicated to eSports events only, and is currently in its beta phase. There is lots to recommend the site already, and it’s designed to be the fastest, cleanest mobile eSports betting platform yet, offering a smooth experience for dedicated gaming fans.

With this free £2 Pixel.bet bonus code, you can get your virtual hands on some extra cash to start your membership. This is a modest amount, but it gives you more chances to make a winning wager than you would have otherwise.

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How to Activate Your Pixel.bet Bonus Code

You can claim your Pixel.bet free money when you sign up with the website, adding £2 to your account simply for making your first deposit. This is fast, simple, and enables you to experiment with Pixel.bet’s catalogue of betting options.

You’re free to place wagers on professional teams as they compete on some of the world’s biggest multiplayer games. How do you claim your Pixel.bet bonus code?

Just follow these steps:

  • Click any of the buttons in our review to get the Pixel.bet bonus code
  • When you land on Pixel.bet, tap on the golden ‘create an account’ or green ‘sign up’ button
  • Enter your details via the registration form, creating a unique password
  • Make a deposit of at least £10

At present, there are no other promotions besides the Pixel.bet free money offer available, but once the website launches in full, this is sure to change. As Pixel.bet is designed ‘by gamers, for gamers’, future bonuses will presumably be aimed at fans of the medium itself, giving greater incentives.

There is a lot of potential in Pixel.bet, especially with its mission to be the fastest, most streamlined mobile betting platform for eSports fans. Many online betting brands include eSports markets in their portfolios, but the range of those focusing solely on this area is still somewhat small.

Pixel.bet is clearly built with passion and commitment to their goal, and has a lot to offer. The sign up offer may not be the biggest out there, but the catalogue of eSports betting options is appealing in its own right – for the time being, at least.


pixelbet sign up sheet

Pixel.bet eSports Betting Options

Pixel.bet claims to offer the best odds on the world’s biggest eSports events, and taking a look at their selection of betting options reveals an impressive variety. The team behind Pixel.bet is open about their drive to produce a mobile betting platform for gaming-lovers with a more accessible, attractive, smoother design, and so far, they have succeeded.

Their eSports catalogue includes some of the most popular, most competitive video games on the circuit today, encompassing beloved fighters, shooters, strategy titles, and even sports classics.

You can see a number of options for League of Legends (otherwise known as LOL), with fixtures including the Demacia Cup, Oceanic Pro League, Tencent LOL Pro League Spring, EU LOL Championship Series Spring, and more. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games, offering a fast-paced experience that’s almost as thrilling to watch as to play (especially with the most skilled gamers at the controls).

What else? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another of the massive titles available to bet on at Pixel.bet, pitting teams against each other in an action-packed first-person shooter. You can place wagers on such events as the ESL Pro League, ESEA Event, and more than a dozen others.

Dota 2 is another multiplayer online battle arena game, and wagering options cover the Bucharest Major, Captains Draft, and Starladder. Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone are all available too, across global championships and more niche events alike.

Other options include the classic fighting games Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, whenever relevant events take place. With Pixel.bet’s gamer-first ethos, it’s highly likely that they will continue to add more and more events as they are announced.

You can place bets on matches in real-time, with Pixel.bet’s live wagering. Odds and results are updated right in front of you, giving you the up to the minute data you need to make in-play wagers.

pixelbet betting options

What eSport Teams Can You Bet On at Pixel.bet?

At Pixel.bet, the biggest eSports events are included for betting – which gives you the chance to wager on your favourite teams.

Optic Gaming, Eclipse, Space Soldiers, Rise Nation, Team Kaliber, Team Dignitas, Fnatic, Team Freedom, Luminosity Gaming, NRG Sports, and many others can all be backed whenever they play.

Pixel.bet offers a leaderboard too, providing a dynamic rundown of teams’ placement in the eSports world.


pixelbet live betting

Pixel.bet Banking Options

Pixel.bet caters to a broad range of customers with a variety of payment options, though it is by no means the most comprehensive available today.

You can make deposits and withdrawals using Skrill, Visa, Trustly, MasterCard, Maestro, bank transfer, and Neteller. They provide instant processing on Skrill and Neteller, and credit cards can take up to 72 hours (on business days).

It’s likely that more payment methods will be accommodated as Pixel.bet grows.

Pixel.bet Customer Support

At present, Pixel.bet offers customer support through a ticket system. You can provide your details and your query in the submission form, and the team will get back to you.

Pixel.bet includes links to their social media pages too, if you would prefer to contact them more directly. As the website is in beta, the fairly limited customer support options are unsurprising, and you should expect to see more contact methods when Pixel.bet receives a full launch.

pixelbet customer support

Pixel.bet Review Conclusion

Pixel.bet is an outstanding eSports mobile betting platform, built with passion and drive to appeal to true gaming fans. The competitive odds and attractive yet simple design makes this quick and easy to use on all devices, enabling users to navigate clear betting options with minimal hassle.

Sign up with Pixel.bet now to claim your Pixel.bet bonus code!