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PVP.ME Promo Code

PVP.ME is a great betting exchange currently operating in beta. As it is in the platform’s best interest to grow as much as possible, especially now when the whole platform is at its starting point, we are likely going to see some sort of PVP.ME Promo Code.

PVP.me registration

Let’s move on to talking more about the PVP.ME promo code and what it could be. Plus, we are going to dig deeper and learn much more about the platform, as this is one of the first betting platforms with a major focus on eSports and crypto market.

What is the PVP.ME Promo Code?

Many other companies in the betting business use promotion code to attract new customers. At the moment of writing, there is no PVP.ME promo code available, but it is quite likely that there is going to be one in the near future.

Bonus Type:Bonus Details:
Welcome BonusN/A
PVP.ME Promo CodeN/A

As we are talking about a betting exchange, it is quite likely that the PVP.ME promo code is going to offer customers lower commission fees. Unlike bookmakers, betting exchange connects two bettors and lives off the commission of the winner of the bet. Depending on the type of the bet, commissions at PVP.ME vary from 2% to 7%. We will get in details later in the text.

But lowering these commissions is something that would definitely attract people to PVP.ME. However, all we can actually do is be patient and see what the PVP.ME promo code is going to offer to its future customers.

How is PVP.ME Bonus going to be Activated?

Different brands rely on different ways of bonus activation. In the majority of cases, there is a field where you simply enter the promo code and you activate the bonus. Brands decide to place the promo code field during the registration process or before the customer makes a deposit.

When it comes to PVP.ME Bonus, we have no idea how it is going to be activated. However, we have noticed that during the sign-up process, there is a PVP.ME promo code field where you are supposed to enter the promo code.

PVP.ME Promo Code

We will have to wait and see how PVP.ME Bonus is going to be activated.

PVP.ME Betting Options

This is exactly where PVP.ME differs greatly from other betting competitors. With PVP.ME, the primary betting focus is on eSports. Even now, while the platform is still in beta, you can make bets on eSports events. There is a wide range of games you can now easily bet with, but this is only to grow in the future.

Beside eSports, you can also bet on cryptocurrencies here. Not buy cryptocurrencies, but bet on their value. An example is whether Bitcoin is going to be over 8 thousand USD before September the 1st. These form of bets can be rarely taken and it is precisely the reason why so many people are in love with the PVP.ME betting options.

Another interesting option is betting on Twitch stream. For example, if a player is playing against someone in the stream, you can bet for or against the streamer. It is important to note that the commission for this form of betting is quite high at 7% because it is share between PVP.ME and the streamer. This is a completely new form of betting and there is no brand that has successfully implemented and developed gaming betting. We will see whether PVP.ME will be successful in achieving this goal. It sure does look like it.

Betting Exchange PVP.ME Payment Methods

This is yet another reason why PVP.ME has managed to attract so much attention to themselves. They are one of the first brands to adopt using a cryptocurrency. Even though they do accept all the other currencies, with NANO cryptocurrency customers do not have to worry about payment fees and other similar expenses, as this cryptocurrency is well known for its non-existent payment fees.

Therefore, no matter where you are from, all you need to do is get NANO, once you have the cryptocurrency, you can add it to the site and have fun placing truly unique bets.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important part in all lines of work. The more communication channels there are, the better.

PVP.ME customer support is still in development, at least that is the first impression. Given that the whole platform is in the beta phase. Currently, it is possible to reach out to the customer support via email only. However, there is an FAQ page that offers basic assistance with starting to use the platform. These are quite useful pages, as anyone who wants to know how to place a bet, how to withdraw funds and other similar platform-related tasks.

PVP.me customer support

We hope that as the whole platform gets out of beta, there is also going to be a live chat option available for visitors.

We can conclude that PVP.ME is a betting exchange that is going to change how people bet in the future. With the acceptance of cryptocurrency, the platform is bravely taking a leap of faith.

If you are looking for betting on eSports in a completely different way, this is the perfect platform for you. This implementation of NANO cryptocurrency in PVP.ME platform is a perfect example of how useful it can be. Instantaneous and fee-free transactions will make you fall in love with PVP.ME.